Luthier making custom resonator and electric guitars on the Isle of Man
Upgraded single-cone resonator.  I can supply two types, either steel bodied with a “tea strainer” coverplate or brass bodied with a “chicken feet” coverplate. The upgrade consists of a bone nut, carbon fibre biscuit bridge and choice of National or Quarterman cone, and the guitar will be set up the way you want it and equipped with Newtone strings (as fitted at the National factory, and they’re British!)

The difference is amazing, but don’t just take my word for it - as a customer said
"It's fantastic, so much better than the non improved ones I tried .... Many thanks for your advice and superb product. If you ever need a reference, feel free to contact me anytime."

Price is £565.00 plus shipping.

Please note that a hard case is included in the price as standard.  I can’t see the point of selling a guitar without a case, can you?

I can also fit a Schatten pickup for  an additional £85.00
Disappointed with the sound of your own budget resonator?

If you already own a budget resonator guitar, have it upgraded and set up properly with the quality cone of your choice, bone nut, carbon fibre bridge and Newtone strings for only £260.00 plus shipping.
Throw away that old cone!
Blues on a Budget
Have your spider bridge guitar upgraded with a Quarterman cone, US-made spider, bone nut and and ebony-capped bridge, for £285.00 plus shipping.  A customer said : “the results are staggering; it's just become a higher class guitar” so go on, give your guitar (and your ears) a treat!
Does it make a difference?
Judge for yourself with these two steel body sound clips, both recorded straight into the PC using an SM57 about 150mm from the coverplate, which is probably a bit too close really.   As usual, excuse the scrappy playing.